Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment in the workplace is mandatory where physical injury or health hazards are potential threats. There are many types of personal protective equipment and the most common protection areas are:

  • The lungs, where injury can come from breathing contaminated air
  • Hands, feet and head, where falling objects may cause harm
  • The eyes, where particles, objects or liquids may be harmful
  • The skin, where acids or other corrosive substances may cause burns
  • The body, where temperatures may cause harmful working conditions

How to choose personal protective equipment

  • Always think of this type of equipment as the last resort. If you can avoid workers from being in harm’s way then make sure to act accordingly
  • If workplace procedures require workers to be exposed to harm employers are required to provide protective equipment free of charge
  • Employers must always choose personal protective equipment of high quality, that is intended for the specific use and that is kept up-to-date
  • Make sure workers understand why personal protective equipment is necessary and that they have proper training in using it