Mentor and board assignments

  • Board work Heading-lecture-HSE mentor
  • The need for a professional board
  • What can a professional board add to the operations and results of an AS?
  • What competence and what capacity should the board bring to the company?
  • The chairman is the general manager’s immediate superior and must be the general manager’s sparring partner.
  • It is the responsibility of the owners at the General Assembly to decide on the composition of the board – to the best of the company.
  • In addition to the statutory requirements, the duties of the Board are very different from company to company. Many can be the same challenges and many can require the same expertise. It is all the police and the owners’ objective that will form the basis for the board’s tasks.

  • Course and lectures for board members and CEO
    Lectures / courses may include:
  • The Board and the Board
  • The management of the company
  • Responsibility and duties of the Board of Directors
  • Strategy (Strategy)
  • Board leaders and day-to-day tasks
  • Board Selection Tips
  • HSE Course and consultant
  • Mentor

Sfactor AS is associated with positive people with long experience, high competence and good relationships. These can be made available as mentors. This can be a unique opportunity.