Agricultural safety equipment

Sfactor produce face protection for all your barn and yard chores. Whether you produce dairy, meat or grain our products will help you stay safe and protected.Our equipment is specifically designed for any type of farming and industrial use. Working in an environment with gas, vapor, chlorine, fumes and particles will represent potential damage to you. With our state of the art, Norwegian made face protection you will be safer and rest assured you have the best safety equipment on the market. 

Protection from pesticides

Pesticides are the substances that represent the most hazardous threat to modern farmers. However, particles and dust can also be of great damage to your body. Wearing our flexible and ergonomic face protection will significantly reduce exposure to nasal and oral inhalation of pesticides, dust and other fumes.

Recommended use of face protection

Face, nasal and oral protection equipment is mandatory for anyone handling pesticides or other substances labeled hazardous. We also recommend wearing face protection whenever working within enclosed environments where exposure to dust, exhaust or other fumes is even low. 

Sfactor’s products are ergonomic, lightweight and easy to use.