Make certified face masks: Struggle to keep up with demand

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  With a global trade war over vital medical equipment as a backdrop, Sfactor rolled out the production of EU-certified face masks. The fact that all the input factors down to the globally sought-after "meltblow" textile are Norwegian makes Norway self-sufficient, even though the requirements for and demand for face masks are climbing fast. We have seen the pictures of health personnel with protective equipment from head to toe…

The market for respiratory protection and FFP masks are vacuumed.

Read time: 3 minutes

  Personal protective equipment and respiratory protection are necessary and required in many industries, but world production was already too low before the pandemic skyrocketed demand. The production of respirators requires expensive machines that relatively few manufacturers have so far invested in. A company that has recently invested in such textile machines is Sfactor in Tønsberg, which since November has…

Workplace safety

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Employer's responsibility for safety in the workplace Ensure a safe workplace where employees use the correct equipment Prevent and prevent employees from being exposed to physical damage from trauma, hazardous substances, noise or vibration Prevent behavior that could endanger the employee or others Carry out the necessary training to perform work tasks in the safest possible way Provide…