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Sfactor is committed to the highest quality of all products and our respirator masks are manufactured and approved according to Standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 and are approved by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden).

Respirators are 100% Norwegian.

Some delivery time must be expected, so contact us today.

Our production department is taking big steps and is now setting up the country’s first production line for the production of the highest class in respiratory protection. With this, we help ensure Norway’s preparedness in a very important area. 

Sfactor Norway Production

We produce respirator masks in the ffp1, ffp2 and ffp3 classes, with and without valve.
We also produce melt blown roll material.

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Sfactor will become Europe’s leading manufacturer of infectious protection equipment and be known for delivering top quality
Sfactor will take a leading position in Europe as a supplier of infection control equipment

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Sfactor AS is a manufacturing company. We produce contamination equipment with the bulk of the respiratory protection production. Sfactor also produces melt blown fabric used in the production of infectious protection equipment and various filters.

Our fully automatic respiratory production lines produce both FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. We produce with and without valve.

We have developed our own valve manufactured at Mezonic in Oslo. The noseband is also produced in Norway, at Platech in Horten. The fabric used in the respirator masks we produce ourselves in Tønsberg and this our respiratory protection is of the highest quality and is 100% Norwegian product.

Robert Larsen, sfactor.no

Robert Larsen

Geir Smeby, Sfactor.no

Geir Smeby

Sales and Marketing Director
Olav Ramberg_sfactor

Olav Ramberg

Production Manager

Beate Holmstrøm

Sales Consultant Italy
Kristian Hoelsæther, Sfactor

Kristian Hoelsæther

Quality and logistics responsible

Quality from Norway, quality from Sfactor - should be sold in all countries. If you want to become an agent in your country, get in touch.

Flemmin sfactor

Flemming Wagner

International Sales Manager
Craig Tunstall

Craig Tunstall

Sales Agent Great Britan
Igor sfactor.no Serbia

Igor Milovanovic

Sales Agent Serbia
Jørn Ellingsen sfactor.no

Jørn Ellingsen

European Sales Manager

Alf Jessen

Sales Agent Spain

Norway is one of the cleanest and smallest populated countries in the world


Sfactor kontorer

subsupliers – partners

Platech sfactor.no partner
Platech AS

  • Supplier of noseband
  • Platech is a stamping factory that processes all types of thin plates. They perform both small and large tasks using modern technology and rational production methods.
  • www.platech.no

P.Thorkildsen sfactor.no partners
P Thorkildsen Plasticindustri AS

  • Supplier of valves
  • Was established in 1988 by Peter Thorkildsen
  • Located in pleasant premises on the outskirts of Oslo and is a subcontractor to other industry and trade.
  • The production plant is of a high degree of automation.
  • www.ptp.no

Fimtech Sfactor.no partners
Fimtech AS

  • Service agreements on the machine park for Sfactor + machine technical assistance
  • Fimtech specializes in the development, production and installation of special machines, including consumables for the consumer segment.
  • Their customers are large, international companies that require the most advanced production technology for disposable products
  • www.fimtech.no

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